Auto Repair and Tire Service in Ayden, NC 


In 1889 Caleb Tripp, Sr., moved his wife and eight children from Shelmerdine to Ayden where he built a family home. In front of the home, a blacksmith shop was built so his six sons would have a job.

Dr. Joe Dixon, Ayden's first doctor, established residency in 1910. He also owned the first automobile in Ayden. When the automobile had its first flat tire in 1911, Dr. Dixon made contact with the blacksmith shop where traditionally wagon wheels were repaired. After the tire was repaired, a garage was established in the back of the blacksmith shop by N.C. (Dump) Tripp. Two of his brothers, Charlie and Hent, were employed; this was the beginning of the automotive repair and parts business.

In 1925 the automotive repair and parts business, Tripp's Garage , moved one block to the present location of 4187 East Avenue. The building was the former location of the Odd Fellows Lodge. Their motto was "Friendship, love, and truth." Thus, the letters FLT are at the top of the original building. On the first floor of the building, Huffmobile and Reo automobiles were sold. An elevator, which still exists, carried automobiles upstairs for repair. In 1926, Caleb's nephew, Larry Burton Tripp, joined the business. In 1934, the owners built a homemade wrecker and the name of the business became Tripp's Garage & Wrecker Service.

In 1968 William Burton Tripp joined his father, Larry Burton in the business and added a tire retreading service in addition to the automotive and parts business. In 1973 the building next door was purchased, and this doubled the size of Tripp's Tire Service, Inc. In 1987, an additional building was constructed to house NAPA Auto Parts. The expansion provided a broader selection of parts as the business offered a broad range of services.

At the age of seven, Tony Burton Tripp began changing tires at the business. He worked some throughout his youth and became a full-time employee in 1985. In 2001, Tony Burton became owner of Tripp's Tire Service, Inc.

Matthew Burton Tripp, Tony Burton's son, started working part-time during the summer of 2005. This represents the fifth generation of the Caleb Tripp family!